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Large/Multi-Party Cases

Veritext has the experience and expertise to manage your most challenging MDL and multi-party cases. We provide dedicated case managers to oversee the daily coordination of court reporting and videography resources, to enable your attorneys to focus their resources on the witness. 

Veritext’s size and reach allow us to assign the most suitable court reporters to your case.

For large volumes of depositions and multiple venues, our national footprint and network of leading court reporting affiliates enable us to provide seamless coverage in any venue, for any number of depositions.

Our suite of technology-enabled tools—including Internet video, remote streaming, exhibit solutions, and MyVeritext, our industry-leading transcript repository— enhance the overall value of a Veritext-managed deposition, as a key component of your discovery practice.

Pharmaceutical/Medical Device

Product Liability and Intellectual Property

Veritext meets the unique demands of pharmaceutical and medical device companies on the industry’s largest cases. Veritext leverages our 30 US offices—located in the largest litigation markets in the country–combined with our established worldwide network of court reporting firms, to handle the complexity and geographic diversity of high profile product liability cases. The litigation management tools that Veritext provides to all litigants helps manage the deposition phase of the discovery process in these document intensive cases.

Veritext also takes great strides to protect the highly sensitive data that is shared in these depositions.  Veritext has ensured that our systems are compliant with the federal standards of HIPAA concerning privacy protection of individual’s medical records, records which are often referred to in these cases. 


Intellectual Property

Veritext has been the court reporter of record in hundreds of intellectual property disputes across a variety of industries. Intellectual Property disputes are becoming increasingly complex and increasingly global affairs. No industry is more susceptible to IP challenges than Hi-Tech. These disputes between competitors, suppliers and owners of patent portfolios are challenging to litigate for many reasons, one of which is the complexity of the science. Veritext helps manage the complexity of the deposition by creating shareable dictionaries to assist the court reporter in handling the matter, and enabling the attorneys to focus their energies on the witnesses and not on the terminology of the case. 

The advanced video technologies that Veritext has developed for participating in depositions remotely can be very useful in these high value, high profile cases. Veritext also helps create a historical record of expert testimony through the MyVeritext repository that can be a continual resource to the lawyers and companies involved in these matters. 


Commercial and Mass Tort

Veritext has been serving companies in the manufacturing segment since our inception. One of the most challenging areas of litigation involves the continuing tail of asbestos litigation. Veritext maintains a dedicated asbestos team with 50+ years experience in managing complex cases involving multiple parties.

Our team understands the needs of each party and delivers the highest level of client service. It’s one stop to schedule depositions anywhere, with multiple options for remote attendance via video and conference calls.

Insurance and Claims

Veritext meets the needs of insurance carriers through a comprehensive claims management process.  Veritext can track and organize matters by claim number, and link that with e-billing processes, to enable the efficient tracking of deposition costs attributable to any claim. 

Veritext is uniquely qualified to ensure that depositions are handled appropriately, working to equip third party administrators, claims administrators, and the legal representatives for both sides with the deposition-related information they need.  As the largest court reporting company in the world, nobody is in a better position to handle the high volume and individualized requirements of claims-based litigation.

Veritext works with the premier court reporting firms throughout the country to ensure that all local rules are honored, and the integrity of the record is upheld.

Financial Services

Veritext supports the needs of litigants in the financial services industry including securities litigation, regulatory actions, broker-client disputes, and bankruptcy proceedings.  The secure Veritext environment provides assurance that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is protected, while being accessible 24/7 through our secure repository.  The Veritext data center is housed in a managed Tier IV facility, with physical and logical redundancies.

Veritext’s expertise extends to providing court reporting services in the alternative dispute resolution arena, including arbitrations and mediations.


Risk Management and Employment

Veritext works with the top retailers in handling those matters covered under their self insurance reserves. Veritext can track and organize matters by claim number, and link that with e-billing processes, to enable the efficient tracking of deposition costs attributable to any claim. 

As large employers, retail organizations are often involved in a variety of employment related matters, from one-off disputes to organized class action matters.  Veritext has the experience to support the corporate client, their attorneys, and the attorneys on the other side of the case to provide thorough coverage for these sensitive matters. The low-cost alternatives to video conferencing that we offer are particularly suited to this type of case, and our secure technology infrastructure ensures that private information is kept that way.

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