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Large, Multi-Party Cases

Veritext has the experience and the expertise to manage your most challenges MDL and multi-party cases.  We provide the sophistication of the world’s largest court reporting firm and attention to detail with high touch, regional service.  For large volumes of depositions and multiple venues, our national footprint and certified affiliates enable us to seamlessly provide coverage in any venue, for any amount of depositions.

Veritext’s size and resources allows us to assign the best court reporters to your case – our experienced reporters and videographers know that Veritext provides them with the best complex commercial work and typically give us “first call”. Veritext’s one point of contact for scheduling, production (all transcripts are reviewed by Veritext no matter where the deposition was conducted), archiving and billing makes us the gold standard. Veritext will set up dedicated e mail address so multiple parties can easily and quickly access our experienced case managers.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property cases are highly technical and require management of multiple parties, often spread across the US and the globe. Veritext has made intellectual property a special focus with dedicated sales and case managers to ensure success. An elite group of experienced IP court reporters with real-time skills are assigned for key depositions, and Veritext does the research on patents and cases in advance so that the reporters have all of the technical and scientific terms when they arrive at the deposition.

Our national footprint and global agency network ensure that everything is handled smoothly, from calendar and standing order management for multiple parties to dedicated case databases within a law firm or shared across several firms.

Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice cases require a special expertise in court reporting. Veritext has an experienced team of court reporters who know how to handle sensitive medical depositions that deal with the pain and  suffering of alleged negligence by a doctor, nurse, hospital and/or healthcare facility.  These reporters also create and effectively work with medical dictionaries that contain difficult terminology. In addition, Veritext’s compliance with HIPAA ensure that confidential medical records and exhibits used in the deposition are secure and protected, which is often required under these laws and regulations.

Video testimony is also a key component of medical malpractice litigation success. Veritext technologies, including videoconferencing and Veritext Virtual remote attendance software, save time and money while enabling full participation in the proceeding. With Depoview, clients can make clips of key testimony for trial and play for Judge/Jury through Windows Media Player.  Both law firms and corporations can also leverage our MyVeritext online calendaring and repository portal to schedule and instantly access all of their transcripts and exhibits.

Asbestos & Toxic Tort

Veritext maintains a dedicated asbestos team with 50+ years' experience in managing complex cases involving multiple parties. Our team understands the needs of each party and delivers the highest level of client service. It’s one stop to schedule depositions anywhere, with multiple options for remote attendance via video and conference calls. With Veritext’s advanced security and technology, we maintain confidentiality and abide by the laws relating to transcript access relating to archived transcripts.


With high volume and individualized requirements, negligence cases require efficient processing and the flexibility to customize to the variables and exceptions to each client and within their assignments. With Veritext, each “special” need can be placed in the client’s file or in a standing order and can be updated as the need arises. Across the country, we coordinate and communicate between the offices and within the office as instructions change. And Veritext is experienced at handling complex billing to third parties and insurance carriers, including electronic billing to dedicated sites. We meet time limits on 50hs and insurance EUO’s, and our tracking systems allow the client service department to get all in on time. 


From London to Dubai to Tokyo and Sao Paolo, Veritext covers you in even the around the globe and even the most remote locations. Veritext delivers seamless international deposition coverage with experienced, reliable and professional real time reporters and videographers that know how to report and/or videotape a US-style deposition and can deliver the transcript in our US formats.

Through our experienced calendar and client service teams, we ensure seamless arrangements for your International needs, including certified court reporters, notaries, interpreters, legal videographers, and deposition conference rooms. We work around the clock with you to execute the deposition and deliver quality transcripts according to your schedule.

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