10 Reasons Why Court Reporting Services Will Make You Successful in 2016

Court reporting services are changing in ways never imagined previously. We continue to offer court reporting in Manhattan, Chicago and other large cities nationwide, but modern technology is making real time court reporting an effective and sometimes necessary innovation.

Electronic recorders, predicted to revolutionize the court reporting industry, simply do not provide the quality necessary and are often not cost efficient. Below is a list of ten reasons why court reporting services will make you successful in 2016.

  1. Court reporting services are more proficient than ever before. Modern techniques and equipment make court reporters more efficient and effective.
  2. Court reporters insist that individuals do not speak over each other. Not only does this help testimony from getting lost, but it also quickly quells arguments and provides for a speedier trial.
  3. Court reporting services provide a verbatim report that can be reviewed and analyzed should the case move on to an appellate court.
  4. Electronic recordings are poor and may miss key testimony. Although technology continues to advance, there has yet to be an error-free electronic recording device.
  5. Modern electronic recording devices are very expensive, and often court reporting services in NYC, San Francisco, and other cities nationwide are more cost effective.
  6. Realtime court reporting services in Manhattan allow all parties in the courtroom immediate access to testimony.
  7. Realtime testimony can be critical if counsel loses their train of thought or focus during testimony. In these cases, the attorney can simply scroll up and determine where they left off.
  8. Realtime court reporting services in New York, Washington, DC, and other powerful cities allow attorneys to instantly mark areas of questioning they want to review or refer back to later.
  9. Attorneys know the frustration of receiving a long, rambling answer to a simple question. Now, instead of asking for the court reporter to read the question back, the attorney can easily find and read the question themselves.
  10. In large courtrooms, or with individuals who speak softly or have an accent, realtime court reporting can be a real blessing. Parties can read along as testimony is given and ensure that their speech is understood.

Court reporting services in NYC, Philadelphia, and all across the United States, continue to develop and grow as court reporting services and techniques utilize more modern, real time devices and equipment.