Veritext Mobile lets you access transcripts and deposition information on the go.

  • Download deposition transcripts and exhibits
  • View information about scheduled depositions, including mapped directions to the location
  • Confirm schedules with one touch
  • Instantly reschedule or cancel a deposition
  • Synchronize seamlessly with Veritext’s secure document repository website MyVeritext

All, right from your mobile device.

See Veritext Mobile in Action

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Leverage Veritext’s easy to use online tools for deposition scheduling, simplified transcript and exhibit downloading, mobile tools, and advanced search capabilities. Our proprietary MyVeritext client portal and Veritext Mobile App enable seamless access to your schedules and transcripts and the ability to search and annotate anytime, from anywhere.

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File and Case Management

Secure data hosting means everything is in one place, and that place is accessible anywhere, anytime. Just drag and drop documents into the system. It doesn’t matter if they are a PDF or Word or Excel files … whatever the file type, LawStudio can manage it.

Drag n’ Drop Importer

No complicated, multistep, special file type importers here. Need a document in LawStudio? Just drag and drop it. That’s it! The file is in the system.

Integration with Court Reporting Services

Never before has service been so tightly integrated with software. Backed by the world’s largest court reporting company, your Veritext transcripts and exhibits “magically” appear in the system the instant they are ready, or the system will work with any transcript company you choose. Files often upload a full day before you receive the paper copy. There’s no more having to find the right file to import and laboriously enter all the metadata. Your files are just there.

Simple Search

Can you Google™? Then it’s just as easy to search your case. A built-in search engine makes finding that key fact simple. But, while simple to use, this engine is robust and can build searches utilizing Boolean operators, wild cards and more. And it does it fast … really fast. Don’t believe us? Just try searching for the word “the.” We did in a 500 GB case library and received over 68,000 hits in less than 1 second.

Annotation Engine

Our innovative approach to annotations means you can designate any piece of information. By assigning key case issues, you can capture, categorize and catalog every key piece of information – text or images.

Robust Reports

Summarize your and your team’s annotations in just a few clicks. Arm yourself with the citations you need to construct that motion or trial document. With the image capture you can include the actual image from the document – not just text.

Collaboration Platform

The modern law office is not a one-person shop. LawStudio makes it easy for a team to collaborate on a case. Advanced security and sharing controls let you set the team that will tackle your case. And with extensive audit trails, you can see who did what and when.

Secure Share

Aside from solving the problem of sending large files via email, Secure Share adds the level of security your clients demand when sending files electronically. With a right click you can share the file while adding encryption, link expiration times, even a built-in URL shortener.


It’s like Netflix for depositions. Every Veritext deposition video will be instantly streamed to your account, and other videos can be uploaded at any time. Review key moments or share with clients the actual deposition video.

VeritextConnect: Virtual Meetings

Clients want to be in the loop at every step of litigation, and often a simple phone call won’t do it. Nothing will ever replace a face-to-face meeting, which is why we partnered with Adobe to deliver web conferencing tailored to the legal field. Built right into the LawStudio platform, you can prep your witness, or work with your client – see each other in high definition and share documents on the same platform we’ve used to conduct millions of depositions. This time and money-saving feature is the next best thing to being there!

Swift Redact

All too often documents are not redacted properly, and secure information is publicly leaked. Using the Swift Redact feature ensures your data is protected and permanently removed before sharing. A simple selection of the text and it is removed. No more complicated separate tools to remove key client data.

MS Office Integration

If you’re like most people, you spend a good amount of time in Outlook or Word, which is why we have built-in MS Office integration – making LawStudio just one button away. You can easily share secure links within an email and upload and send large files right from a message. Word docs can be saved in their case folder in LawStudio with one click. Seamless integration means the tools work for you, not the other way around.

Supremely Secure

HIPAA, PII and SSAE 16 compliant, LawStudio provides the highest level of data security. You can rest assured that confidential items, personal information, and medical records are protected and safeguarded.

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