Veritext Presents Annual Steno Scholarship to College of Court Reporting Student

Ashley Mejia, a student at the College of Court Reporting (CCR), was awarded the Veritext Legal Solutions 2022 Scholarship. This scholarship is offered annually by Veritext to one student selected by CCR for their excellence in court reporting.

Inspiration struck Mejia when she was called for jury duty, leading her to pursue a career in court reporting. “(I) could not take my eyes off the court reporter,” she said. “That is when I knew I needed to figure out how to do what she was doing.”

Mejia is in her third year at CCR and is hoping to graduate with an associate degree in 2023. After she graduates, she plans to work in depositions and possibly court, and aspires to offer Realtime services. “I want to try all aspects of court reporting in all settings,” she said.

Mejia won the CCR Practice Contest with over 56 hours recorded for the month of August in audio alone. In addition, she recently received Highest Honors at CCR, and won another practice contest for practicing over 80 hours in one month. “I am very proud that I am a machine stenographer and am fluent in steno,” Mejia said. “It is like a secret language that only the highly skilled few can understand and interpret.”

Veritext would like to offer its congratulations to student Ashley Mejia!

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