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Are you thinking about selling your business? Then it’s time to start the conversation.
Whether you are ready to sell your business tomorrow or in twenty years from now, it’s always a good time to begin developing relationships with potential buyers. These connections will help you determine which company is the most established, trustworthy and best fit when you are ready to make a change. Beginning the conversation early allows you to optimize your opportunity, prepare for the process and enhance your business to ensure a smooth transaction and receive the highest proceeds.

Since 1997, Veritext has been built on quality acquisitions. We are proud of our growth of more than 50 successful partnerships and counting. Our established model is such that we have an excellent reputation for honest and ethical transactions and a tried and true integration process based on transparency. Our strong financial standing makes us a trusted buyer in the industry.

Selling your business certainly does not mean you have to go into retirement. At Veritext, we have many former court reporting business owners who are thriving in new roles, allowing them to focus on the areas of the business they love to do. Pursue your love of court reporting, business development or management — the options are flexible!

So whether you are ready to retire, tired of the burdens of managing your business, in need of a substantial investment to keep up with the changing technology, an entrepreneur, want to be part of a bigger company, or are simply looking for a change – the time to start the conversation is now.

We are happy to have a conversation with you at any time and rest assured we will keep your information confidential.

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