Veritext’s Commitment Towards Sustainable Purchasing

Veritext, a leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, is committed to social responsibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), and sustainable operations, recognizing their exponential value to stakeholders. Veritext aims to cultivate meaningful societal change and believes that socially responsible companies outperform in the long term.  Therefore, we seek to partner with suppliers who share our sustainability goals for stakeholders, the community, and the environment through transparency, open communication, and collaboration.

Veritext strives to ensure that our vendors and partners abide by the principles set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct, which helps deliver Veritext’s values through our supply chain. Through this Sustainable Procurement Charter, Veritext demonstrates its sustainable procurement aspirations and goals, enabling the creation of a more sustainable, transparent, and fair world. If you are a Veritext supplier, please request a DocuSign version of our Veritext Supplier Code of Conduct below.

Veritext’s Supplier Goals

Supplier Environmental Goals

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws in respective countries/jurisdictions.
  • Strive to procure environmentally friendly products and services, ensuring responsible sourcing and consideration of whole life cycle costs.
  • Reduce environmental impact in the supply chain by conserving resources, minimizing waste, maximizing local sourcing, promoting recycling, and demonstrating a reduction across all waste streams.
  • Support the transition to a low carbon economy.
  • Encourage and organize sustainable initiatives in which employees can participate.

Supplier Social Goals

  • Provide a physically and emotionally safe working environment for staff and visitors.
  • Protect and uphold all human rights, including, but not limited to, ensuring no child workers or forced labor are in the full supply chain.
  • Verify that policies and processes are in place against all forms of discrimination.
  • Ensure fair and equitable wages.
  • Provide training to all employees in areas such as Diversity and Inclusion, Health and Safety, Mental Health, and Human Rights.
  • Ensure procurement processes that embed sustainability are extended to subcontractors.

Supplier Governance Goals

  • Act with integrity and be accountable for actions within the market and in wider society outside of the workplace.
  • Maintain policies and comply with all laws and regulations to safeguard physical and digital assets.
  • Proactively take measures to prevent fraud, corruption, and bribery.
  • Ensure whistleblowing and grievance mechanisms are embedded within business practices.
  • Provide employees with training on environmental, social, and governance topics.

Veritext’s Sustainability Resources



Veritext’s Commitment Towards Sustainable Operations

Veritext continues to incorporate sustainable changes into our products and service offerings. See the below timeline of changes.

MyVeritext Online Repository

– Early 2000s –

Veritext creates the first online web portal MyVeritext (formerly VIP21) where transcripts and exhibits can be accessed electronically — paving the way for an industry standard of reduced reliance on paper products.

XMS Paperless Exhibits

– 2010 –

Veritext patents the first paperless exhibit solution (XMS). This revolutionary technology reduces the need for multiple paper copies of exhibits produced for deposition attendees. XMS requires only one master hard copy. Through the scanning of this master hard copy, electronic copies are distributed to other deposition attendees greatly reducing paper waste.

Condensed Transcripts

– 2014 –

Veritext takes further steps toward the abatement of paper resources in our industry by providing condensed transcripts in lieu of full-size transcripts for clients who request a copy.

Encrypted Hyperlinks

– 2015 –

Veritext continues to bridge a transition towards completely paperless transcripts by including as part of our standard deliverable an email with securely encrypted hyperlinks. These new links make accessing electronic files even easier.

Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE)

– 2016 –

Veritext develops an electronic exhibit package called Advanced Case Exhibits (ACE). This package is a hyperlinked master exhibit index that is OCR’d and searchable by keyword. Its electronic PDF format makes it accessible from any computer, tablet, or mobile device and contributes to the ease of working with exhibits electronically as opposed to utilizing physical resources. Read More>

Exhibit Share

– 2017 –

Veritext replaces XMS with Exhibit Share, an improved and extremely simple-to-use paperless deposition solution that allows ALL attendees to share electronic documents without the need for a paper copy. Read More>

CD / DVD Sunsetting

– 2018 –

Veritext begins sunsetting our production of DVD and physical disc media, reducing waste and the depletion of environmental resources through the elimination of product and shipping materials.

Electronic Invoices

– 2019 –

Veritext begins transitioning our deliverable of hard copy invoices to our new standard of an electronic deliverable.

Electronic Transcripts & Exhibits

– JULY 2019 – MAY 2022 –

Veritext began our progressive journey toward an electronic-only deliverable by ceasing the production of physical paper copies of transcripts and exhibits. From July 2019 through May 2022, Veritext has saved 19,000 trees, the equivalent of 30 football fields.

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