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Veritext Welcomes Pacific Palisades, CA-Based Dianne Jones & Associates

March 1, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Veritext Welcomes Poughkeepsie, NY-Based Babiarz

March 1, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Veritext Welcomes Dallas, TX-Based Dickman Davenport

March 1, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Black History Month

February 8, 2024/by Katie Dodd

Harnessing Technological Advancements in Testimonial Evidence Management and Presentation

February 5, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Veritext Legal Solutions Supports the 12th Annual Court Reporting and Captioning Week

January 29, 2024/by Katie Dodd

Legal Tech’s Predictions for Litigation, the Courts & ADR in 2024

January 24, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Data Security and Insurance Transcription – Finding a Partner You Can Trust

January 19, 2024/by Olivia Payne

The Rise of AI in Court Reporting Technology

January 16, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 11, 2024/by Katie Dodd

Legal Tech’s Milestones for Cybersecurity & Data Privacy in 2023

January 10, 2024/by Olivia Payne

3 Tips for a Healthy Partnership with Your Insurance Transcription Vendor

January 9, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Veritext’s CTO, Tony Donofrio, featured on Law.com article, “What Does 2024 Hold for Cybersecurity?”

January 8, 2024/by Olivia Payne

Testimonial Evidence Technology Is Transforming the Litigation Landscape

November 20, 2023/by Olivia Payne

Native American Heritage Month

November 16, 2023/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Principal to Give Keynote Address at STARTECH23

October 18, 2023/by Olivia Payne

Filipino American History Month

October 16, 2023/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Welcomes Overland Park, KS-Based Metropolitan Court Reporters

October 14, 2023/by Katie Dodd

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