Industry Advocacy

As the industry leader, Veritext endeavors to promote, strengthen and advance the time-honored profession of reporting through multiple avenues of advocacy.  Court reporters provide an integral and necessary service to our legal system.  As dedicated custodians of the record, court reporters rely on a highly refined set of skills to accomplish the task of capturing the spoken word in real time.

Veritext believes that key to the continued success of the court reporting profession is to educate and shine light on the opportunity and livelihood that the profession affords.  We are dedicated to raising awareness about the distinguished profession of court reporting and to providing qualified students with scholarships and financial opportunities to pursue their education, certification and flourishing career as a court reporter.

Veritext is deeply committed to the local communities we serve.  Our support, sponsorship and involvement with leading local organizations is one way we contribute resources and help create opportunity for reporters across the country and distinguishes us as a proud partner, nationwide.

Through our Continuing Education Program, Veritext provides impactful and entertaining educational seminars to a wide audience of reporters on meaningful subject matter.  We are committed to promoting the highest standards for quality service, ethics, security and technology to reporters through accessible and regular continuing education opportunities.

Supporting the Industry
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