Sustainability Journey & Reporting

Veritext has a long-standing commitment to sustainability:

  • Our focus has been and will always be our people and our communities
  • Our technology orientation has been instrumental in mitigating our environmental impact
  • Our governance promotes greater sustainable economic growth 

Our People and Social Impact

Veritext has a long-standing history of driving positive social impact, including:

  • Driving diversity and equality, by sponsoring and supporting organizations and initiatives which advance inclusion. In fact, Veritext is led by a female CEO and women make up 69% of the team.
  • Leading, participating in, and funding countless philanthropic efforts under the umbrella of Veritext Cares, geared toward helping those in need of food and emergency and health services, advancing our industry and giving back to our local and global communities.
  • Ensuring the privacy and protection of data for our team and clients. We take data privacy and protection very seriously and are known for our robust policies and practices that ensure maximum protection

We are committed to advancing diversity, equality, and inclusion; supporting the professional development of our team; and continuing to engage across our communities for the benefit of those in need.

Approach to Sustainability

Innovation and digitalization underscore our business and sustainability strategy:

  • We continually transform the business, through digitalization, into a new, more sustainable paradigm
  • Our technology drives “win-win solutions” for our firm and stakeholders
  • Innovation bolsters our environmental, social, and economic impact 

Environmental Stewardship

Between 2019–2021 we cut our resource consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by reducing:

  • office usage by 60%
  • business travel by >90%
  • paper consumption by >90%, saving approximately 19,000 trees 

We are passionate about the environment and strive to further reduce our GHG emissions and use of natural resources while improving our energy and waste management.

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

We use the SDGs as a guidepost in our sustainability strategy, including:

  • SDG 5: promoting gender equality across our firm and beyond
  • SDG 9: fostering innovation and resilience in our industry and infrastructure
  • SDG 13: combatting climate change through reduced real estate footprint, business travel, and consumption of paper 

Economic Resilience

We are committed to ethical conduct and economic resilience through:

  • anti-corruption and anti-competitive policies (e.g., Red Flag program)
  • sustainable supply chain practices, informed by Lean Six Sigma for operational efficiency
  • Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning

We aim to enhance economic resilience while supporting our people, society, and the planet.


Our governance, grounded in the highest ethical standards, aims to:

  • effectively manage ESG risks, compliance, and opportunities
  • enhance our corporate responsibility and operational efficiency
  • earn recognition for our ESG efforts


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