Veritext Presents 2023 Steno Scholarship to Maryland Community College Student

Tiffany Witt, a student in the Maryland Community College system, was awarded the Veritext Legal Solutions 2023 Scholarship. Witt is a student of the Veritext-hosted Court Reporting Program at the college. This scholarship is offered annually by Veritext to one student for their ability and merit in their courses.

Witt has always had an interest in law and a passion for linguistics. Her enthusiasm for these subjects led her to get a BA in linguistics and to take and pass the LSAT. However, when her career path brought her to an internship at a law firm, she became more interested in court reporting. “I found the theory behind stenography fascinating, especially how certain morphemes were represented on the machine,” she said. “The linguist in me was buzzing with interest and delight.”

After moving to Maryland, Witt enrolled in the Veritext-hosted Court Reporting Program and is expected to graduate between 2024 and 2025. After she graduates, Witt’s goal is to become a realtime writer. She aspires to do this so she can provide translation for people with deafness and hearing issues— in both legal and educational settings. “I know I have a lot of hard work ahead of me to reach the speeds I need to write in realtime, but I’m here for it. I’m in,” she said.

Veritext offers its congratulations to student Tiffany Witt!

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