3 Key Business Relationships to Build for Legal Firms

The newly minted lawyer has reason to be proud. The grueling years of law school and the intensity of bar exam preparation requires unprecedented hard work, a tough and nimble mind, and emotional grit. Achieving success is proof of stamina that so many lack. Yet law is rarely practiced in a vacuum. Just as physicians rely on x-ray technicians and pharmacists, and just as architects must cooperate with engineers and contractors, attorneys often need to forge relationships with other professionals in order to serve their clients’ interests before the bar of justice. Knowing with whom to cultivate these partnerships may well be key to future advancement.

Certified Public Accountants

Accounting professionals, particularly certified public accountants (CPAs), are often necessary allies for attorneys in both the transactional and litigation realms. In fields as varied as estate planning, divorce, business valuation and IRS tax defense, accountants may provide invaluable insight for a DC personal injury lawyer preparing a case. According to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, CPAs are often involved in many intersections where business meets law:

  • Assist in IRS audit preparations
  • Work with the FBI to discover criminal fraud
  • Estimate the values of businesses in ownership disputes
  • Make sure non-profit organizations conform to regulations
  • Serve as expert witnesses in court

Consulting with accountants may give lawyers the inside view of how businesses and organizations function.

Courier Service

Even in this age of electronic documentation and iCloud storage, the law remains a steadfast bastion of the hard copy. As cyber-signatures and emailed acknowledgments gain greater acceptance, they nevertheless may not hold sway with mortgages, deeds of trust, corporate formation documents and vehicular titles. The seriousness of such transactions typically demands the authority of a tangible document executed in ink. As time is often of the essence, lawyers will likely require the services of a dependable courier that can deliver the documents within the period required. Many services specialize in legal documents and work hard to provide law firms with excellent customer service, direct and truthful communication in the event of delay and a transparent fee structure.

Court Reporting Service

The old adage says “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” Not true for court reporting services. There was a time when a fast and accurate transcriptionist was all that was needed. Today, service providers perform myriad tasks as technology evolves: videography, video conferencing,  language translation and, of course, transcription. In fact, the National Court Reporting Association affords various levels of certification to court reporters based on diversity of skills and words per minute. Competent court reporters adhere to rigorous professional standards and receive regular continuing education.

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Thanks to our friends and contributors at Cohen & Cohen, P.C. for their insight into the importance of building strong business relationships.