Content Retention & Destruction Policy

Veritext Content Retention & Destruction Policy

Veritext understands the importance of data protection and we make every effort to securely retain materials for a reasonable duration of time as well as ensure the safe and complete destruction of materials upon expiration.

This Content Retention and Destruction Policy outlines Veritext’s practices and timelines regarding the reasonable retention and destruction of physical and electronic client materials including: transcripts, exhibits, audio/video media, etc.

Policy Principles:

  • Veritext offers a repository for client’s convenience to purchase or retrieve content previously generated or housed by Veritext.
  • Veritext maintains a reasonable retention period for which the content can be purchased and retrieved.
  • Veritext is not positioned nor offering a permanent repository for the record or any other associated files.
  • Parties to a case are expected to purchase and store content that may be required to conduct further action in a case beyond Veritext’s reasonable content retention period.
  • Parties to a case may subscribe to Veritext Vault for a permanent repository for their case content and Veritext will securely store the content there.

Period of Retention for Product Content (Transcripts, Exhibits, Audio/Visual, etc.)

Materials are retained for 10 Years post-proceeding date, except for:

  • Asbestos Cases: 14 years post-proceeding date
  • Acquisitions:
    • Physical media: 5 years prior to acquisition date, if readily identifiable
    • Electronic files: 10 years, if readily identifiable

Content Destruction Procedure:

  • All physical portable media and paper copies (client transcripts, exhibits, audio/video media, etc.) will be destroyed by shredding and certified by a vetted destruction supplier.
  • Internal computer storage devices, such as disk drives, SSD drives, and optical drives will be removed from computing devices and separately destroyed and certified as such by a vetted destruction supplier.
  • All virtual and electronic storage will be destroyed by executing a file deletion on the administrative access level.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns about this Content Retention & Destruction Policy you may contact us at [email protected].

Effective: November 28, 2022.