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If you are looking for a court reporter Los Angeles organizations trust, look no further than Veritext Legal Solutions. At Veritext, our executive team has decades of combined experience in providing outstanding client service and operational excellence to all of our clients. No matter where in the nation you need court reporting services, you can count on us to provide you with a highly trained and responsive regional team. No matter what court reporting services you require, be assured that Veritext can provide the solution.

If you are in need of a Los Angeles court reporter, call us at (800) 567-8658 to find out how we can help.

Court Reporting Services

A court reporter Los Angeles lawyers depend on is one who has extensive experience with cases similar to what their firm is litigating. At Veritext Legal Solutions, our reporters are well versed in the technical terminology involved in a vast array of industries, including engineering, environmental sciences, medical malpractice, patent infringement, pharmaceutical science, technology, and so much more.

When you hire the services of a court reporter Los Angeles legal teams count on from our company, you will be provided with a skilled court reporter. You can also feel confident that your Veritext Legal Solutions court reporter will have access to the latest technology available.

We utilize a real time reporting system, which means you will have instant access to a rough draft of the transcripts of the deposition even as it is taking place. This can be done by connecting the reporter’s computer to your computer, allowing the testimony he or she is keying in to be translated and appear on your computer within seconds.

We also offer a real time Internet service which allows anyone who is unable to be physically present at the deposition to monitor the events as they occur. This can be particularly helpful when using consultants to offer their opinion regarding the demeanor of the witness, such as their speech patterns, body language, or facial expressions. Because the consultant will not need to travel to the deposition location, that saves them time and travel expenses, which can lower your costs as well.

MyVeritext Mobile App

When you retain the services of our court reporters, you also have access to our very own mobile app. MyVeritext allows you to access all of your transcripts at any time of the day or night, regardless of your location. The app allows you to schedule depositions, review and confirm transcripts, and access all of your documents.
In addition to court reporting service and the MyVeritext app, we also provide services for remote depositions, legal video technology, exhibit solutions, and privacy and data security.

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If you would like to make arrangements for a court reporter in Los Angeles, or need any of the other services we provide, visit our website contact page and someone from Veritext Legal Solutions will contact you. You may also call us at (800) 567-8658 to find out more information about obtaining the services of a court reporter Los Angeles attorneys can depend on.