Each year, Veritext holds an internal “Summer Camp” where team members gather together within their respective offices for two weeks of learning, fun, and team-building.

This year, due to the current pandemic, Summer Camp was in an area SO remote, you could virtually ZOOM right past it!  The week-long event was jam-packed with camp-tivities such as Trail Mixers (group games), Thrills & Skills (classes) organized by daily themes, a Summer Camp Spotify playlist built from submissions from the team, and spirited selfies from Veritexters across North America.

The week kicked off with “Pawsitively Purr-fect Pet Day” where we donned our favorite animal attire and spruced up our pets for an on-camera introduction during the Trail Mixer!  On Tuesday, or “Fan-tastic Game Day Gear Day,” fan-gear, “Team Mom” tanks, and foam fingers were in full swing as we hosted a hilarious “Scavenger Hunt” via Zoom.  On Wednesday, we looked fedorable for “Wacky & Wild Hair N’ Hat Day” and capped it off with “Wacky Facts and Trivia Time.”  Thursday’s “PPE + Positivity Day” gave us the chance to wear our best inspirational tees topped with our favorite PPE and join in a side-splitting game of Mask-charades. And finally, on “Formal & Fancy Finery Friday” we showed up to the final Trail Mixer for an entertaining game of “Kumba-Can-Ya Name That Tune.”

The Thrills & Skills sessions throughout the week broadcasted sixteen entertaining educational classes taught by wildly talented Veritext team members and included amusing course titles like “How to Make Pup-Peroni Pizza,” “How to Give Your Dog a Bath,” “Skate Great! How to Do a Kickflip,” “The Wacky Art of Dumpling Pleating,” “Letting It Breath: Fun Hacks for Wine Enthusiasts,” and “Tom’s Top Five Life Hacks.”

Finally, the week ended with the Starlight Talent” show where we hosted an incredible viewing party for out-of-this-world performances by our talented co-working campers.

Summer Camp 2020 was jam-packed and gave Veritexters across North America the opportunity to get to know each other, laugh, and share our Team Veritext camp spirit – and we enjoyed every minute of it! Bonus: No poison ivy!

Check out the Summer Camp Spotify playlist and photos below!

Groove To The Camp Playlist

Check Out The Photos!

   And, let us know – should we start a Spotify Playlist for you, our Partners?  Submit your song HERE and we’ll get one started!

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