Veritext Exhibit Management Solution Awarded Patent

Electronic exhibit numbering and tracking system radically simplifies complex litigationLivingston, NJ (11/12/2013) – Veritext, the global leader in deposition and litigation support solutions, today announced that it has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Exhibit Management Solution (XMS). The system enables clients to electronically create, store, manage and display exhibits in real-time during legal proceedings through access to a fully searchable PDF database.Veritext Exhibit Management Solution is the first and only legal exhibit management system utilizing a secure, encrypted cloud-based digital system. It offers sophisticated electronic labeling, organization, storage and presentation of exhibits and documents throughout the life cycle of a court case. Exhibits can be viewed in real-time by participants with computer links anywhere around the globe, within seconds. Attorneys, especially those involved in large-scale court cases, can easily track when, where and how often an exhibit has been introduced. These unique and efficient features save attorneys significant amounts of time, especially when preparing for complex multi-party court cases with a large number of exhibits.“Corporations and their legal teams are under increasing pressure to streamline the litigation process and significantly reduce deposition costs in large, multi-party litigation matters,” said Bob Cullen, CEO of Veritext. “We worked closely with our clients to develop Veritext Exhibit Management Solution, and the law firms using this technology have already realized time and cost savings. This is an area where there is considerable market potential, and we are proud to be the market leader. ”

“Veritext’s Exhibit Management Solution system is a unique innovation which has made trial preparation easier,” said Matthew Meyers, Counsel at Herrick, Feinstein LLP and a current Veritext client. “I handle large construction cases, and managing large volumes of exhibits previously was costly and cumbersome. Now, it is seamless and easy, and we don’t miss carrying boxes of documents to depositions.”

Key features of the Veritext Exhibit Management Solution include the ability to search and retrieve documents within seconds; to easily trace the history of an exhibit’s use; and to view exhibits 24/7 without the need to attend live depositions or to print and distribute large quantities of documents. It is available for use on PCs now; an iPad application is in development and expected to launch in 2014.

About Veritext
Veritext is a full-service court reporting company and the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions.  For law firms and corporations, the company provides comprehensive national coverage, skilled court reporters, advanced technology, and unmatched client service.  Veritext solutions utilize the latest easy-to-use technologies that streamline the deposition process, enhance delivery flexibility, and reliably handle the most complex cases.  Proprietary video, mobile and remote services combined with unmatched security, including HIPAA and PII compliance, ensure that Veritext’s clients have the best tools available and the confidence of working with the market leader.  For more information, go to or email [email protected]

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