Wood & Randall, A Veritext Company, Presents Scholarship to “Taft College at WESTEC” Court Reporting Student

Christine Randall, CSR, RPR, and Principal with Wood & Randall, A Veritext Company, presented a $1000 Scholarship to Rocio Garcia, a court reporting student at Taft College at WESTEC in a Zoom meeting with her instructors, peers, and family present on Wednesday, July 22, 2020.

Earlier this year, high-speed students were invited to apply for the scholarship.  Applicants were required to complete an application and write an essay.  The essay needed to include personal history, career goals, and financial need.  Instructor recommendations were also required.

The applications, essays, and recommendations were reviewed by a committee.  The committee consisted of Christine Randall, CSR, RPR; the Honorable Susan Gill, Judge of the Kern County Superior Court; Susan Wood, CSR; Dawn Thompson, CSR; and Gary Shaw, Program Manager of Taft College at WESTEC.

“Rocio Garcia and her accomplishments really stood out to the committee,” said Christine Randall.  “Rocio wrote about her decision to embrace a new career after working in the same job for 20-plus years.  With the support of her husband and children, she realized that ‘you are never too old to pursue your dreams.’”

Christine also noted that Rocio is highly regarded by her instructors.  Her instructors describe her as having a great attitude and always ready to go.  She is also described as going above and beyond what is expected of a court reporting student every day.  “Her success in the WESTEC program and her great attitude really is admirable.  I was honored to present Rocio with this scholarship.”

Christine Randall is joined by instructors, peers, and family of Rocio Garcia over Zoom to present the scholarship.

Congratulations to student Rocio Garcia!

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