Court Reporters & Videographers — Let’s Work Together!

Firmly Rooted in Local Communities

One of the great things about working with Veritext is that we are firmly rooted in the local communities we serve and are always striving to find more ways to engage and grow with our reporter and videographer base.


The majority of the Veritext staff across the country were once part of smaller agencies and are encouraged to maintain their local, relationship-based agency spirit when becoming part of the Veritext family.

Stability of the Industry Leader

That philosophy, combined with the resources and stability of the industry leader is what makes Veritext the incredible company it is today. Hands-on, relationship-based and here to support YOU.

What I love about Veritext is you have the power of a large corporation behind you, yet the attention and hospitality of a small mom-and-pop in front of you. We are family and treat our clients as such! Great place to work or do business!

ToniAnn Acquaro, Court Reporter

Enjoy the Benefits of Working With Veritext!

  • Assignment flexibility to match your schedule

  • Prompt payment upon billing clients

  • Choice assignments in your desired location

  • An engaging and interactive culture

  • Cutting-edge technology

  • An extremely supportive back office staff

  • Regional partner social events

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