You have been referred by a friend as someone who may greatly benefit by working with Veritext!  

If you’re looking for a freelance opportunity that is in high demand, offers flexible work hours, and the ability to work remotely or in person, your friend did a great job!

As litigation continues to increase nationwide, Veritext is on a mission to work with the most exceptional partners to support the rapidly growing demand for freelance COURT REPORTERS, LEGAL VIDEOGRAPHERS, and LEGAL TRANSCRIPTIONISTS throughout North America. If you’re interested in taking assignments for Veritext, please let us know!  Just complete the form to the right and a team member will be in touch with you shortly.


The Veritext 2024 Referral Program allows you and your friend to EACH earn $500 when you take at least 30 jobs within the first 90 days of being eligible to work! Please see eligibility rules and guidelines below.

  • Stenographic Reporters

    Veritext is committed to stenographers and endeavors to promote, strengthen, and advance your time-honored professions through multiple avenues of advocacy. And, we have a ton of work for you!  In the meantime, please visit the Veritext Partner Community for curated resources dedicated to our independent contractors.

  • Digital Reporters*

    Become a Digital Reporter through the Veritext Partner Program and receive an introduction to the profession through practical and hands-on exposure, as well as ongoing support. Applicants new to digital reporting will be accepted into the program by gaining experience through a pre-approved Digital Reporting Introduction course.

    Take the quiz to see if becoming a DR is right for you!  |   Watch the video!

    Already an experienced reporter? Show us your skill in a digital reporting assessment and be on your way to putting your experience, equipment, and notary to work. 

  • Legal Videographers

    Veritext is always looking for excellent legal videographers throughout North America, and we have a ton of work for you, too!  In the meantime, please visit the Veritext Partner Community for curated resources dedicated to our independent contractors.

  • Experienced Legal Transcriptionists

    Looking for Transcriptionists referrals with at least 2 years experience as a full-time independent contractor, doing legal proceeding transcription from audio recordings. Other experience types and levels are eligible for contract, but not eligible as referrals within this program.

*Also known as “Deposition Officers” in California



    Whether you’re a Zoom expert or still new to taking remote depositions, you deserve a strong support system to guide you through it. We’ve worked hard to create the tools and education that will enable you to keep earning while you deliver an exceptional experience on every assignment. Learn more.


    When you accept assignments through Veritext, you will have access to the widest pool of work in the industry. Choose remote or in-person jobs in your desired location.


    Working with Veritext means you’ve got the resources and stability of the industry leader behind you. One of the benefits of working with Veritext is the peace of mind that comes with prompt payments on your invoices upon billing the client.


    We are proud to offer convenient, complimentary CEU webinars to a national audience in the hope of fostering meaningful conversations, new ideas, and professional growth. Learn more.


    Veritext is strongly committed to achieving significant progress towards strengthening and advancing the profession of court reporting. We believe that inspiring and educating the next generation is vital to the continued success of the industry and remain dedicated to raising awareness through partnerships and collaboration. Learn more.

Program Rules & Eligibility

  • Effective May 2021
  • Referral must have an active contract to constitute eligibility for a referral or referring party to receive payment.
  • Referral must complete at least 30 jobs within the first 90 days of being eligible to receive payment.
  • The referral must represent the candidate’s first contact with Veritext. Temporary, summer, contract, and former employees of Veritext are not eligible candidates for referral awards.
  • To be considered for the award, all referral candidates must fill out the referral form above completely at the time of application.
  • Referring party must actively engage and provide a W9 in order for either party to be eligible for payment.
  • At the time of award, referring parties not employed by Veritext will be required to submit a W9 form in order to receive payment.
  • Veritext Vice President levels and above, Talent, and Human Resources staff are not eligible for a referral award.
  • The first employee or independent contractor to refer a candidate will be the sole person eligible for payment.
  • All information regarding the contract decision will remain strictly confidential.
  • Any disputes or interpretations of the program will be handled by the VP of Talent.
  • Referring a friend constitutes permission to Veritext to contact all submissions for any and all of Veritext’s purposes at its sole discretion.
  • Veritext reserves the right to assign independent contractors to assignments. Independent Contractors are free to accept or reject any such assignment
  • Transcription referrals must be accepted into the Specialized Entry Path requiring 2+ years working as a full-time, independent contractor, legal transcriptionist producing deposition/deposition-like final transcripts from reporter audio recordings.
  • Veritext has sole discretion to offer a contract to the referral.
  • This policy supersedes any prior referral policy.
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