If you are interested in learning more about providing services to our clients, you’re in the right place. Veritext recognizes that quality court reporting is a key to success and that forming relationships with the best and most skilled independent court reporters will help us both prosper.

Outstanding Reporters

To be the best in the business, we need to affiliate with the best reporters. Our clients seek  more than just the most skilled reporters – they look for those who are the most professional, reliable, who have the savvy to help attorneys manage what goes on in the deposition room, who have special expertise in particular types of litigation, and who bring a problem-solving approach to every assignment. That’s the high standard our clients expect, and Veritext seeks independent reporters that can meet that standard.

Client Service Excellence

If outstanding reporting comes first, outstanding service is a close second.  No one knows better than a court reporter that a real focus on client service is meeting the client’s needs -- however demanding. It’s what keeps clients coming back. That’s why we apply the same philosophy to our relationships with our independent court reporters. Veritext is responsive to reporters’ needs for follow-through, professionalism, communication, and interesting assignments. Outstanding service ensures that everyone wins.

Advanced Technology

Veritext offers you the opportunity to use Veritext’s advanced technology that has the power to enhance the deposition, simplify proceedings, provide diverse options for clients, and to make court reporting a more dynamic part of the litigation process. Veritext is investing to extend its technological leadership in the court reporting industry, including a court reporter portal and mobile app to help you and Veritext to schedule and work through client engagements together.

Get in Touch

Ready to start an independent contractor relationship with Veritext? Get started by providing information and attaching to the email information about yours skills or other document with your qualifications and email us at courtreporter@veritext.com.