If you are looking for quality videography for court, you may want to consult with Veritext Legal Solutions. At our company, we provide high-quality video and can deliver it to you in a MPEG, DVD or CD-ROM format. We use high-definition video cameras and high-gain microphones so that every sound is captured.

Benefits of Legal Videography

Videography has been used in the courtroom for decades now and it keeps improving in quality. If you have a deposition coming up, you may want to give serious consideration to hiring professional videographers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of videography:

  • Save Money: Videography services are an investment, but they may help you save more money in the long run. When you show videos in court, witnesses and experts who live in other states can view videos and give their testimony through video conferencing technology.
  • Record Statements: Another benefit of legal video services is that they can accurately record what has been said in depositions. This is very important for trials because you have video proof of certain statements. Witnesses won’t be able to deny they made these statements or try to change what they said. If your case doesn’t go to trial for a long time, you can still easily keep track of what was said in previous depositions.
  • Stronger Impact on Jurors: During a trial, your goal is to persuade the jurors. If you provide them with video, they will have visual evidence of the events that happened and can retain information better. In addition, jurors can see body language and facial expressions in videos and determine if the witnesses seem credible or not.
  • Time Management: If there are a lot of witnesses in your case, using video testimony can save a lot of time. You won’t have to call each witness separately to come to the stand. You may even compile several testimonies into one segment, saving you hours of court time.


  • Trial Preparation: Videos can also help you prepare for trial. You can use the information in the videos to gather necessary documents and create your arguments.
  • Persuade Judge: Jurors aren’t the only persuaded by video. Judges can be equally as persuaded by video testimony. Video adds authority to testimonies and catches the judge’s attention.
  • Learn How Client Will Perform During Trial: Preparing for video depositions will give you a better idea on how your client will perform during trial. You can find out how convincing your client sounds and if he or she gets nervous at all. If you don’t think your client is performing well, you can give him or her pointers on how to improve. For example, if your client crosses his or her arms during the video deposition, you might tell him or her to not do it because it looks defensive.

With so many advantages of making video recordings of your depositions, it may be in your best interest to invest in videography services. For more information about videography, contact Veritext Legal Solutions at 800-567-8658.