If you are a law firm that utilizes the services of court reporters during depositions or other legal procedures, consider calling Veritext Legal Solutions. Our company has built a concrete reputation in providing our clients the very utmost in quality court reporting.

At Veritext, we hold our professional court reporters to the highest standard so you can be assured that your court reporter will produce an accurate and solid record of testimony. Our reporters are trained in a wide range of technologies, including voice reporting in real-time. We also have reporters who are experienced and knowledgeable in the different practices of law, so no matter what type of legal case you are litigating, the court reporter we provide may be experienced and understand the process in that particular area.

As mentioned, our court reporters are also skilled at real-time transcriptions services. With this service, you will have access to the transcript of the deposition as it is occurring, allowing you to read exactly what is being said. Real-time transcription also lets you search the transcript and mark off or outline key sections while the testimony is taking place.

We understand that there are many cases where you need to access and study the deposition as soon as it is done, and with real-time transcription, you can receive a rough draft copy at the end of the deposition. A polished and finished copy of the transcript is available just a short time later.

No matter where you need court reporters, Veritext Legal Solutions is there. We provide both national and international coverage for you and can schedule and oversee your deposition for you wherever you need it. Veritext has 30 deposition centers throughout the country. We also work with dozens of certified partner organizations that apply the same high standards for their court reporters that we do. For international court reporting, you can count on our affiliate network that includes thousands of dedicated court reporters throughout the world, and will receive the same quality of product you expect to receive from Veritext.

My Veritext

Veritext Legal Solutions also offers you the My Veritext service where you can easily access calendars to schedule depositions, as well as our secure online repository that enables you to download transcripts and exhibits any time you need to. Materials are available in either ASCII, TextMap, E-Transcript, and PDF. We also provide the Veritext Mobile App where you can access our repository from any smartphone or tablet.

Contact Us for All Your Court Reporting Needs

In addition to providing skilled court reporters for our clients, Veritext Legal Solutions also offers other services that can help you build your case. We offer several different methods to complete your deposition, including our legal video technology services, exhibit solutions, and online and mobile tools we offer. Our company combines national best practices and technologies, along with local management transcript production. This “best of both worlds” approach allows us to provide you with the highest standards you expect, along with a responsible service legal team.

If you are looking for exceptional court reporters, contact Veritext Legal Solutions at (800) 567-8658.