When it comes to depositions you want them to go smoothly while sacrificing accuracy. At Veritext Legal Solutions, we provide nationwide coverage for our clients and look forward to supporting you regardless of where your depositions take place. By retaining our services you can benefit from:

High Quality Court Reporting

Our team of highly trained court reporters successfully handle thousands of depositions every year for a broad range of clients. Our reporters are experienced in many areas of law. When you work with Veritext we will match a reporter to your unique needs. Rest assured, we will provide you with the specialized support you need for a productive deposition hearing.

Realtime Transcription

Realtime transcriptions are invaluable. As one of our many deposition services, we offer realtime technology which enables you to read, search, and annotate the testimony using a computer, phone, or tablet. Our reporters will handle the technical details during the deposition so you can focus on your own important tasks. Some of the benefits of realtime transcription include:

  • You get an instant display of what is being said by a witness.
  • You can scroll up or down to review what has been previously said.
  • You will be able to concentrate on the deposition rather than taking notes.
  • You can mark specific answers and easily return to it at a later time.
  • You can collaborate with co-counsel, experts, or team members who are unable to attend the deposition in person.
  • You can take advantage of state of the art technology which will enhance your services and help make your law practice stand above the rest.

Nationwide and Global Coverage

Depositions can be held throughout the United States as well as internationally. We provide the highest levels of support for our clients holding depositions in any location. We also have a network of affiliates who are available outside of the country. Should you need these services, please contact us for more information.

Seamless, Integrated Support

In today’s fast paced world, at Veritext we understand the need for remote attendance to a deposition. For this reason we offer an integrated suite of technology that includes streaming video, video conferencing, and digital presentations. If you are not sure which service you need, we are happy to help.

We Are Dedicated to Our Clients

Veritext Legal Services provides a team of skilled support members to help you decide which type of deposition services you may need most. We are also happy to help you find deposition locations, fulfill international depositions requirements, and much more. All you need to do is browse through our site and reach out to us when you are ready.

You Can Count On Veritext Legal Services

Your clients have hired you to fight for their rights; shouldn’t you retain the best reporting and depositions team? If you would like to know more about court reporting, realtime depositions, or our other services, we encourage you to call Veritext Legal Services. To get started and make the most out of your current and future depositions, please call (800) 567-8658.