Veritext is the leader in deposition and litigation support solutions with a proven track record of industry excellence. At Veritext we believe that our commitment to social responsibility, diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, and sustainable operations yield exponential value for our clients, independent contractors, and of course, employees. We’re passionate about this belief and are committed to strengthening our existing programs to cultivate meaningful change for our society.

Philanthropic Activities

Being a growing company has afforded us the ability to give back to the communities across the U.S. and Canada that we serve in meaningful ways. Rooted in our core values of respect, ethics, and collaboration, Veritext Cares encourages philanthropic efforts and giving among our employees, independent contractors, clients, and the legal industry at large. Our company’s own philanthropic initiatives are the culmination of years of on-the-ground activities among our employees that continue to shape the company’s culture and approach to social responsibility.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Veritext, we recognize that diversity and inclusion are multifaceted issues and that we need to tackle these subjects holistically to better engage and support all underrepresented groups within our business. We’re passionate about this belief and are committed to strengthening our organization and the communities we serve by cultivating an environment that celebrates and values all individuals and their unique perspectives, needs, and potential.

Sustainable Operations

Our commitment to sustainability, including electronic-only deliverables, paves the way for our business operations to have a positive impact on the environment in an effort to build a better future for all.

View the 2021 Sustainability Report

Supporting the Industry

As the industry leader, Veritext endeavors to promote, strengthen and advance the time-honored profession of reporting through multiple avenues of advocacy. We’re dedicated to raising awareness about the distinguished profession of court reporting and to providing qualified students with scholarships and financial opportunities to pursue their education, certification, and flourishing careers as court reporters.



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