Online Research Tools for Transcriptionists

February 23, 2023/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Legal Solutions Releases Video to Promote the Court Reporting Community

February 23, 2023/by Olivia Payne

Depo Talk | Ep. 4: How To Keep The Love Flowing Beyond CRCW

February 21, 2023/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Welcomes Salt Lake City-Based Garcia McCall & Co.

February 3, 2023/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Legal Solutions Celebrates the Court Reporting Community for National Court Reporting and Captioning Week

February 1, 2023/by Ofelia De La Rosa

Veritext Presents Annual Steno Scholarship to College of Court Reporting Student

January 27, 2023/by Olivia Payne

Veritext Welcomes Chicago-Based Bridges Court Reporting

January 12, 2023/by Katie Dodd

Depo Talk | Ep. 3: Hot Holiday Gift Ideas For Cool Reporters & Vids

December 21, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Press Release: Veritext CLE-Xtreme Day 2022

December 6, 2022/by Rebekah Bryant

Veritext ensures a free-market system in legal services

November 28, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Depo Talk | Ep. 2: The Return of In-Person Proceedings

November 1, 2022/by Katie Dodd


November 1, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Honours Truth & Reconciliation Day

September 28, 2022/by Kerry Sauriol

Veritext Partners with Spectrum360

September 27, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Text Expanders for Transcriptionists

September 7, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Depo Talk | Ep.1: Taking the “Wonk” Out of Wonky Exhibits

August 22, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Partner Interview | Elizabeth Pilbrow

August 17, 2022/by Katie Dodd

All In The Family – Ohio Edition

July 29, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Tips to Succeed as a Legal Transcriptionist

July 22, 2022/by Katie Dodd

Veritext Raises Over $16,800 for Autism Programs & Services

June 5, 2022/by Katie Dodd

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